Random Access Poetry: Day Seventeen

October Morning Light flickr photo by Pavel P. (P. (this is old account that I no longer shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Random Access Poetry: Day Seventeen

When they talk of those
walking on water, of
the miracle of wonder

perhaps this is what they mean

From here, anything seems
possible, even the way
we might slip across the
surface tension

and dance with the trees

I wait, while you pull
on your boots, our socks
still wet from yesterday’s

excursion into photography

Peace (through a lens, brightly),

PS — this image was discovered through the Flickr Stampr Creative Commons search engine — I used the word “periphery” to find an image because it came up in another poem the other day and I like the idea of edges.

  1. Not sure how I missed your series this month. I love this! The idea of “slipping across the surface tension” and the concreteness of waiting for your partner to slip on socks and shoes. Lovely!

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