Making Music: Sold Out

My latest rock and roll band is Sold Out! and we had our first gig the other weekend, rocking to raise money for an animal shelter. We had the nervous energy of a new band playing for a real audience for the first time after weeks of practice, but we ended up getting the whole place dancing and moving, and now we’re shifting ahead with booking other gigs this summer. Making music sure is something magical! (That’s me singing above and playing sax down below)

Sold Out! band icon

You can follow us at Facebook if you are local to Western Massachusetts and shout hello at our next show.

Peace (sounds like rock and roll),

  1. Thanks for sharing, Kevin! How much do your students know about your rock and roll life? Do you “make music” in the classroom?

    • I have shared my rock and roll activities with them, talking about the first gig. I used to do a whole songwriting unit after poetry, bringing in guitar and PA system and such, and having kids write and sing verses. But that sort of faded … hmmm … might need to revisit it, but with a more hip hop flow ..

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