Random Access Poetry: Day Nine

Random Access Poetry: Day Nine

The view from here
is always unclear, obscured
as it is by time, light
and aperture

Years later, we’ll recall
the odd intersections
between the believing
and dreaming

where the faded light
asked us to stop,
and here we are all,
years later, halted

Peace (in memory),

PS — Thanks to Bud Hunt for his daily image sharing for inspiring poetry. This poem is from this photo at this post.

Random Access Poetry: Day Seven

Photos flickr photo by GDJVJ shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

Random Access Poetry: Day Seven

When I do remember,
I forget to say, how,
that same day, we
both lost touch with
whatever small innocence
we had, now long gone
buried away, deep ’til today
when you asked me whether
I ever remember to forget:
I do, for like you,
I am always a step inside
faint echoes of yesterday

Peace (remembering),

PS — this poem was inspired by the new random Flickr prompter set up by John Johnston, and you can write your poem right there with others, too. Each day is a new image.

Random Access Poetry: Day Six

A Bluebell and some Daffs flickr photo by Duck 1966 shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Updated Note: the image that inspired this poem was not a Creative Commons image, so I asked permission from the photographer to share it. This link will bring you to the photograph and photographer, who worked to make the photo embeddable. I offer my gratitude to you, David. Thank you.  — Kevin

Random Access Poetry: Day Six

The thing about poems
is they stop time, cold,
in its tracks —

Looking back, a poet
with pen tries to find
the lost words

they heard in the lilt of
a voice, the whisper in
the ear

now they only hear
the stalled train on tracks and
remember the flowers


Peace (along the rails),

PS — I found the photo through the use of Alan Levine’s random search tool for Flickr

Random Access Poetry Day Five

Photo by: Miradortigre : under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license https://flic.kr/p/Eka5vp
Photo by Rolf Dietrich Brecher : under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license https://flic.kr/p/WUUcua

Random Access Poetry: Day Five

We never seem to lean in
to appreciate the view
of others

All we know is where we are,
blinders of our fathers
and mothers

Imagine a microscope
secured to your eyes, focused
on the small

The expanded perspective,
intersected movements,
the unseen sprawl

Peace (looking large and small),

PS — this image came from John Johnston’s photo blend tool at  http://johnjohnston.info/oddsandends/flickrRandom/

Random Access Poetry Day Four

sadness flickr photo by Ernst Rosca shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Random Access Poetry Day Four

The world can seem
made as merely shadows,
light filtered in with
flickers of hope

From afar, you seem ajar,
as if the darkness
might engulf you

but where wonder and
compassion and friendship
rest in reflection

the morning arrives with
the rising sun, and even
the waves sing love for

the lonely ones

Peace (in the light),

PS — thanks to Bud for the image this morning

Random Access Poetry Day Three

Camera Review Blog No. 105 - Polaroid Impulse

Photo via https://www.flickr.com/photos/axle81401/47468866362/ by Alex Luyckz

Random Access Poetry Day Three

Like composing words
about the act of writing,
my camera snaps a picture
of the picture,
time now layered
as lightning strikes
along the chemical
edge of film, framed
in meta and rolling along
the handheld assembly line
into your fingertips,
your smudges as shadows
on memories

Peace (snapshots),

Random Access Poetry Day 2

Photo by: Thad Zajdowicz : under a Creative Commons (BY) license https://flic.kr/p/VB4zPp
Photo by _Franck Michel_ : under a Creative Commons (BY) license https://flic.kr/p/ZjDnt5

Random Access Poetry

You walk your way
through windows,
through tinted
glass, through framed
wonders, through
landscapes of future,
past the ambling
pedestrians and into
the canvas, another
paint-drip person,
wandering forever
into mirrors

Peace (in the random inspiration),

PS — photo comes from PhotoBlend tool by John Johnston