The Mess I’m Making (is the Poem I’m Writing)

Mess of a Poem in draft

I was writing and rewriting this poem during some quiet writing time in the classroom the other day. Not sure the framing of the poem works, but the mess of the page is how I often write (although when I write with keyboard and screen, all that notation and revision becomes rather invisible).

Peace (poems),

  1. Slapped a couple of filters onto your image above with no particular purpose other than to respond to the text in a…different way.
    Here is the image:

    Antispamifilterosity: OK relate. A short monologue.

    Yeah. OK. I can relate. No, listen, I can. No. Really, I relate. Alright. Sheeesh. No. I am not perfect. No, I am not a perfect moral compass. OK. I can’t relate. I am perfect. You sussed me out. Now do you believe I can relate? Yeah, I thought so.

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