#WriteOut: Exploring the History of the Neighborhood

Although the Write Out project (now underway for the next two weeks) is supported by the National Park Service, through a partnership with the National Writing Project, there is no mandate that you have to explore a park. Not many of us have a National Park nearby.
That’s OK.
Your backyard or school yard or city block or neighborhood will work just fine. Here, I created a small digital piece about surfacing the stories of the past of my small village neighborhood. I created it in SoundSlides, and you can go there directly if you want to see my piece.
Peace (in the walk around the block),
  1. Thanks Kevin. I just moved to a new town and have been thinking of visiting the history museum. Your video gives me a little greater motivation to do it.

  2. Kevin, this is wonderful!! Many thanks to Justin and Heidi for sharing it!
    I can relate to that “newcomer” feeling! And now I have to share it with other people in the mansion who are even newer than I am!

    Though in all fairness, I have felt that Leeds old-timers’ attitude has been more like, “You like our village? Come on in” with open arms.

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