#CLMOOC Poetry Port: Share Some Words/Get Some Poems

We’re setting sail on another excellent adventure with the CLMOOC collaborative, as we spend the month of February writing poems, gifting poems and sharing poems.

Inspired somewhat by both an article about a store-front location in England that distributes poems for mental health and the Typewriter Rodeo crew that types out poems on demand at public gatherings, we have tried to create an online version of these two ideas.

You can learn more about how to be inspired to write poems with our Word of the Day and how to submit a few words or ideas and let the team of Global Poets (I am one of those) take your submission, write you a poem and deliver it to you as a gift.

This is all experimental, so please do write with us in the form or submit ideas to us, and we’ll see which oceans we sail upon and which port we end up relaxing in, and which friends we shall toast together, sipping our poetry as the sun sets and rises.

Peace (sailing somewhere into metaphor),

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