Slice of Life/SmallPoems Day 20 (mourning rains)

(I am participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site.  Slice of Life is the idea of noticing the small moments. I have been a participant for many years and each year, I wonder if I will have the energy to write every day. This year, I am going to try to coincide it with my daily poetry writing, and intend to compose small poems on small moments. We’ll see how it goes …)

Day Twenty

Don’t mourn these rains,
the drenching replenishment
of these rivers and ponds,
of oceans and lakes;
bodies, suddenly awake
in hopeful expectation

Don’t mourn the wet
that arrives by sky,
the falling on the first day
of this year’s sudden
Spring, the earliest
Equinox ever

These rains
herald beginnings
of a season
of change

Peace (falling),

  1. Always so impressed with your poetry. This morning hanging on to these words: These rains
    herald beginnings
    of a season
    of change

  2. I’m a water sign; rain is always welcome around here (except for the repeated warnings to my patrons to keep their books dry–when we’re in school). We seem to be drought more often than not here in central TX, and my plants are happy for this rainy day. “Herald” is such a positive word; I appreciate the upbeat tone of this poem during this weird week.

  3. So lovely to honor the rain, rather than mourn it. Happy Vernal Equinox to you. Keep writing those beautiful poems.

  4. Beautifully selected words. “hopeful expectation” resonates so well with picture of a gray day that will soon bring life and beauty to the world. Well written!

  5. I like the “mourning” rains… I have a mixed relationship with rain. We need it so badly in these parts, but it is also so depressing to have day after day of rain (it feels like it has rained every day this month). You capture so much with these words, I particularly like the echo of Don’t mourn these rains…Don’t mourn this wet…


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