Slice of Life/SmallPoems Day 28 (generation pandemic)

(I am participating in the March Slice of Life challenge via the Two Writing Teachers site.  Slice of Life is the idea of noticing the small moments. I have been a participant for many years and each year, I wonder if I will have the energy to write every day. This year, I am going to try to coincide it with my daily poetry writing, and intend to compose small poems on small moments. We’ll see how it goes …)

Day Twenty Eight

changed is
what they’ll be:
these Children
of the Pandemic

Whether shaped
by panic or fear or
the greater good –
no child today
escapes where
the world once stood
and now, stands
at a fragile start

the hope for all
rests with open heart,
nurtured by together
and not by distance
dividing us apart

Note: I was listening yesterday morning to The Daily (New York Times) podcast, which had very young children sending in questions about the COVID-19 virus to the NYT science reporter. At the end, the host wrapped up some related news and then played part of a news conference from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that really struck a nerve with me. I listened to the section three times. I wrote down his words. Then I made the comic below. Then, I composed the poem. He’s right, of course. An entire generation of children are forever now impacted by this event.

Thinking of the Children comic

Peace (on us all),

  1. I’m saving this poem to read again and share. It‘s haunting and inspiring, hopeful all at the same time—much like I’m feeling looking out at the streets. Thank you for writing and sharing.

  2. Kevin, I have been watching our Gov. Cuomo daily on TV. Within each broadcast message he not only states the facts but brings hope for all. The pandemic is scary here on Long Island. Each day the heaviness drains the spirit and yet, there are glimmers of hopeful comings. We all may grow wiser and understand the commitment to life as one when we get to the other side. Your words are filled with that hope that is so needed.

  3. Thank you for your words of hope. You have captured in your little slice the thoughts and hopes of many of us. Hope can be our strength.

  4. I do think that a lot of children will be better people because of this event. I also worry, though, about the children of folks who aren’t taking this very well, who are used to having their kids scheduled in one activity after another, who aren’t as child-centric (emotionally) in their thinking and living. Will this impact their families in good ways, or bad?

  5. Priceless word, expressed in sharp focus. As my husband and I went out this morning, i said we should be documenting this. This is momentous. This will define us and our future.

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