NaPoWriMo: Objects, Heard

(I am participating in National/Global Poetry Month as I continue to write small poems each morning. – Kevin)

Day Twenty Seven: Objects, Heard

(inspired by Kim)

I’m falling my way
into earbud air:
Familiar and unfamiliar voices,
alike, in the whispers, working
through the ether of connection;
Whether song or talk,
electronic pulses settle inside
my ears, comfortable as

(Inspired by Algot)

Lawnmower music
surrounding neighborhood noise;
the discord of Spring

Peace (listening to friends),

One Comment
  1. Friction need not mean restriction.
    Agreeing sometimes, and at others, not.
    There will be moments of doubt
    Amidst days of convivial sharing.
    Peace is comfortably engaging with friends
    And also with those whose smiles are sometimes forced.

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