Slice of Life: Objects in the Woods

We’ve been spending a lot of time in our local wooded paths and bike trails, staying close to home but also getting a deeper look at our sense of place. I suspect we’re all doing versions of this.

Yesterday, I was noticing how people are putting more and more little found trinkets and objects along our paths — which others in our neighborhood (one person, in particular) have long transformed into a natural art museum, using downed trees and natural things for temporary sculptures.

It may be that some families are doing scavenger hunts with kids during these times, or artwork at home is being shared with our local community through placement in the forest trails. In addition, the nearby river always spits up objects from the past, and it’s not uncommon to see folks leaving those unearthed treasures for others to observe. (This is all very different from the trash and mess that people — outside of our neighborhood — will begin to leave behind as they use the river for cooling off from the heat).

I could not resist using my camera to look more closely at the objects

Peace (found),

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  1. Very fun to see! Some one in our hood is placing painted rocks. The base color is always a bright blue – then words or flowers or stars decorate them. They are tucked into tree roots, gardens and other fun places. They are find to find!

  2. I wish your woods were my woods. Paired with that touching music, these found things were inspiring. They gave laughter, astonishment, inspiration, and a whole new perspective. Thank you for that moment.

  3. Hello Kevin! It has been many moons since I’ve read your words, and I am glad to see you are still writing. It is like a visit with a friend, stopping by and reading. I, too, am spending much time outside and I love your collection.

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