Panels of Pandemic (a webcomic collection)

Panels from the Pandemic (Quarantine Comics)

Making comics is one way I process the world. My collection of comics from the Pandemic, and teaching/learning during social distancing, is now up to 40 comics, and maybe still growing. Some are funnier and more insightful than others. With school nearly ending, I am taking a pause for now with the comic making. But I am sure I will be back …

Peace (and a smile, I hope),

  1. Kevin, I have been following your blog for the past several years. Just looked at all your comics. I don’t know where you find the energy, creativity and time to do as much as you do.

    Your kids (class and home) are lucky to have you.

    • Thanks, Daniel — all these things — comics, music, poetry, prose, photography — are just ways for me to help my head and heart to process the world. I’m appreciative that anyone else might somewhat enjoy what I make and share. Peace.

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