Words as Music: JazzKey and Poetry

A poem, A song

Two CLMOOC friends, Wendy and Terry, were playing around with a site called JazzKeys and I was curious. It’s a site that turns the typing of words into music, and it’s a small bit of loveliness, really. I tried it out and dug it, the way a poem has a soundtrack built on the physical typing of the letters themselves.

What I found was that I was tried to write in a certain rhythm, as I was listening to the jazz piano play with every keystroke. Although I wrote the poem on the spot, I redid the poem at the site a few times because I am apt to make spelling errors with my quick finger typing method, and I decided not to keep them. I wanted a clean copy (although one could argue that a poem written, rife with errors and music, might be more authentic and interesting)

Here’s how you can listen to my poem: https://jazzkeys.plan8.co/?msg=-MA0enUc_DVFV8VwKfUP (or if you prefer, the other color-schemed version https://jazzkeys.plan8.co/?msg=-MA0bvPmpbJBlXhv7mIz)

Try it out yourself: https://jazzkeys.plan8.co/

Peace (playing it),

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