Teacher Reflections: What Worked/What Didn’t with Distance Learning

Distance Learning Pros Cons

I facilitated a workshop with colleagues the other day on using Google Classroom with students, but first, I brought us all into a collaborative document to write and reflect together on the previous three months of unanticipated Distance Learning. I was curious to know the pros and cons of our work now that we had a moment to take a breath together. The chart above gathers some main themes from what we wrote about, together. I suspect there might be some universal themes from teachers in other places.

Peace (gathering it together),

PS — And now this is all of us:

You Call This Summer?

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  1. I am interested in the implications, the implied next steps, the adjacencies. One step left or right into the brambles and multiflora rose and the browse. That is where the mess flourishes and the meaning explodes.

    anti-spamiferocity: “an uphold”

    In rock climbing it’s called ‘an uphold’. Ok, that’s what I call them. Just as in real life, we always need a finger hold and a toe hold in order to climb the rock face. Upstanding and upholding. Yep, that is what we need.

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