Audio Postcard: The First Day Back to School (sort of)

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DSC01722 (2) -01 flickr photo by suzyhazelwood shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

I’m taking part in a research project that documents teachers and the first weeks of school, back from the Pandemic. We’re asked to record our experiences as audio postcards.

Here’s my first audio postcard, after the first day (yesterday). I talk about the successful moments and the strange situation of teaching from home. I’m doing these on my phone, with a mobile app, to record in the moment.

Peace (talking it out),

  1. Wow Kevin, you guys started really late! We began with distance learning at the end of August and then shifted to a hybrid AM/PM schedule this week. (I teach half the class in the morning, half in the afternoon–they work independently the other half of the day). It is good to be back with the kids–and off Zoom! There is definitely so much to think about in terms of optimal student learning.

    • Our state reduced the school year by ten days, to allow for intensive PD around technology and learning and teaching remote and hybrid, so teachers have been back a few weeks but kids just arrived this week. Our school is phasing in, from younger to older, as way to systematically get the school back running.

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