CLMOOC: Hopeful Explorations

Hope is a Four Panel Comic

Within the CLMOOC community, some of us are starting to chat about how to launch a collaborative project around the idea of “hope” as counter to the darkness of the world right now. A few of us are toying around with the theme in different ways (comic, above).

More info to come later .. I hope …

This picture (below) was a hope-themed response to a Daily Create via DS106 yesterday that asked for a picture or gif with a girl, a cow and the moon.

Hope is a Girl with a Moon for a Guide

Peace (is where we begin),

  1. Whoa, musta missed the memo on this project. Maybe it’s for the best since “hope” for me has acquired a rotten whiff since it has been used by some as a way to manipulate. You know what I mean, Mr. “Hope and Change”. Or maybe you need someone who is happy to gadfly about the air.

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