Slice of Life/Audio Postcard: Week Five

DSC01722 (2) -01 DSC01722 (2) -01 flickr photo by suzyhazelwood shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

We’re now entering our fifth week of the school year, and I am still taking part in a research project documenting educators’ first six weeks of school through audio postcards. Here, I address how things are going, as we start our fifth week; what’s working so far; and maybe what’s not.

Here is:

Peace (finding our footing),

  1. It sounds like the current arrangement forces you to take a content-oriented approach, maybe without too much opportunity to adjust your curriculum based on student interest.

    Good luck with the school committee….

  2. Somehow my first comment attempt disappeared–apparently I entered the anti-spam word incorrectly. Sigh. I really enjoyed listening to your audio entry, though, and I think it’s great that you’re recording the beginning to the school year. The move from remote to hybrid must have posed quite a few challenges already! Good luck as you move forward. We started in hybrid and our school board is meeting tomorrow to discuss how to move to green. That definitely has ratcheted up the tension in the building.

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