And We’re Back … to Remote

Remote Control, Television - TV-controller“Remote Control, Television – TV-controller” by espensorvik is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I started the year with my sixth graders, in remote setting, and then we were in a Hybrid Mode (half and half) since early October, but with numbers spiking in our region and in the small town where I teach (and in our school), we shift back to remote again next week. A message from the administration came through late last night — we will be in today, to gather things up and get ready for more isolation times.

As always, flexibility is the key to teaching this year, but the mindset for preparing for remote vs hybrid is like rusty gear that needs some oil, and the prospect of hours on the screen again is NOT something I am looking forward to.

Ah well. Staying safe and healthy is what’s first and foremost on my mind. We’ll make our way through.

Peace (humming it),

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