Poem: A Cardinal At the Window

frosty cardinal“frosty cardinal” by woodleywonderworks is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A Cardinal At The Window
(New Year’s Day 2021)

To what degree
does it know it’s me,
it sees, in reflection;

perhaps it’s only
a slight detection
of movement,

for we’re both so well hidden

on either side
of the radiance
and shared impatience
of this new day’s

Thanks to Deanna for sharing the writing prompt from her New Year’s Eve writing marathon.

Peace (on the wing),

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    Antispam Loopyloop: as looped. I loved cursive, looped as looped as it could be. It marked me as different in grade school. I would practice it for hours after school and on weekends and even in school. Until one day, I discovered that I had slipped over into a whole new world, as looped and fevered as my cursive. Magic realms? Yes. Magic realms.

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