Slice of Life: That Wind of Gust and Din

(The Slice of Life Challenge in March is hosted by Two Writing Teachers as way to encourage teachers-as-writers. You can join in, if you want. There is also a monthly call for Slices on Tuesdays. You can write then, too)

I woke with an idea brewing for Day in a Sentence but then the wind — incredibly loud and incredibly powerful, and a bit scary — barreled its way into my morning and still is shaking the windows and spooking the dogs.

So, here is my daily poem as Slice of Life.

This wind –
this ferocious wind –
this wind that sings
with gust and din,
this wind that brings
a fury as it flashes in,
’til I’m wide awake
to the siren call,
and up and out
before the day

Peace (flowing through),

  1. The wind is throwing the outside world all around me today…I’m not sure I hear the song, but I will try to listen a little harder.

  2. Kevin, I love how the end feels like you can walk away from the fury of the world. I’m somehow left feeling you can experience trauma and hardship but hold your head up and experience a fresh new day despite it all. Loved this, thank you. I’m new to Slice of Life! All best, Nawal

  3. Same wind here in Maine – I think we had the same morning. I am always struck by your ease with poetry. You always manage working a big idea into your poems and leave the reader thinking/feeling.

    Thank you.

  4. Must be the same wind I wrote about today too, ferocious. I do enjoy the poem except here it was screaming, not singing.

  5. Love the poem. It reminds me of “Blow, Wind, Blow” and Lear howling at the wind. We have those “winds of gust and sun here, too.”

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