Musical Slice of Life: Tuned Into Open

(The Slice of Life Challenge in March is hosted by Two Writing Teachers as way to encourage teachers-as-writers. You can join in, if you want. There is also a monthly call for Slices on Tuesdays. You can write then, too)

I will often have stretches where I am writing lots of songs and the ideas are everywhere. Then there are the fallow times, when nothing seems to be flowing in any certain direction. I’ve learned to be patient — that the songs will still come. But I have also developed some strategies — pick up another instrument, try a new loop pack, or tune my guitar into another key.

That’s what I was doing yesterday — exploring open tuning on my guitar and this little sequence of riffs began to play out. I like open tuning now and then because of the space it creates on the fretboard.

This piece is short but long enough to remind me that music is all around, even if sometimes you need to approach it, slant (as Emily D might say). The title is merely a hopeful gesture of wording  …

Peace (sounds like),

  1. I’m going to have to come back to listen, as the house is quiet with sleeping family members.

    I do agree with your reflections about ideas and creativity, and I also think that, for me anyway, I find ideas when I provide myself time and space. That’s one of my favorite parts about March. There’s intentional removal of chaos to notice and remember, and also to appreciate the processes of others.

  2. My pup and I enjoyed this. He sat up and took notice of the change of sounds in the house. I can hear the joy.

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