Slice of Life/Day in a Sentence: The Pickleball Crew

(The Slice of Life Challenge in March is hosted by Two Writing Teachers as way to encourage teachers-as-writers. You can join in, if you want. There is also a monthly call for Slices on Tuesdays. You can write then, too)

We ended our play back when the days became so short that night fell nearly right on the end of the work day but we picked up our paddles again this week, and reset the net, as the hopeful days incrementally stretch the light further into late afternoon hours.

Peace (and Pickleball with friends),

  1. So much hope in one sentence and meaning. We breathe deep in the emerging spring air gathering hope for normalcy, pickeball included.

  2. I have a friend who has recently picked up this sport. I understand it can be highly addictive. I’m glad the days are getting longer to allow more pickleball play!

  3. I have never played pickleball, but connect to your sentence with the hope and promise of spring. Longer days ahead to fit in more fun!

  4. And since the end of your days are about to get a booster of daylight the games can extend. I’ve never tried this format before. I am going to go play in my notebook.

  5. Especially as we “spring forward” this weekend! (Both a blessing and a curse–but I do like more light!)


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