Playing with Nature Photos and Color Palettes

In October, this year’s Write Out project has a theme of “palettes, storyboards and cadences” — I will share more about Write Out in another post but it is a free two-week place-based online activity in collaboration between National Writing Project an the National Park Service — and the Write Out facilitators (I am one) behind the scenes are sussing out how best to engage teachers, students, families, communities in these thematic ideas (which come from the Park Service’s October themes).

Thanks to my Write Out colleague, Becki, we’ve been tinkering around with a cool tool from Adobe that allows you to upload and image, and it pulls out the color palettes from your photo. It’s pretty intriguing, and a good tool for Write Out.

I kept going, and wondered if I could take that palette information and create different forms, turning the palette into remix, and then layering one on top of the other, so the colors change but not the objects in the image (like the leaf). I used an earlier Silent Sunday photo.

I like how the video composition came out – it has a meditative cadence (another Write Out theme!) to it.

Tools used:

Peace (tinkering around the color wheel),

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