Visualizing a Relationship with Technology (The Internet Mapping Project)

Internet Mapping Oct2021Each year, we begin a unit called Digital Lives, I have my students take part in Kevin Kelly’s old Internet Mapping Project, with the prompt: visualize yourself in relation to technology (devices, Internet, etc.). I am always intrigued and amazed at how inventive my sixth graders are, and how these drawings spark some very interesting discussions in class about technology and our lives.

Peace (drawing it out),


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  1. You might want to explore Harold Jarche on this as well. He shows you how to systematically explore all your networks:

    Antispamideity: seagod re I had never heard of the seagod, Re, before, but it was hard to ignore the 1000′ waterspout with a beard and peanut butter sandwich in front of me. “Hey, dude,” he boomed with a voice like Mike Tyson.

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