Poetry: Intersections of Words, Art, Music and Technology

Algorithmic Artists and the Solo Saxophonist

I’ve been sharing out some of my morning poems, where I have been exploring the intersections of art and music and writing with technology. The above poem was inspired by an AI site — Dream — that creates art from keywords (here, my words were Saxophone Nights). I used the image, along with explorations this week with Hour of Code and programming, to spark the idea for the poem.

This morning, after a helpful remembering by Wendy T. yesterday, I used JazzKeys to craft a poem, with jazz piano as a soundtrack for each time my fingers hit the computer keyboard in the spur-of-moment writing. I just let the words flow as I listened to the piano. (I am listening now as I write this, too)

Listen: https://jazzkeys.plan8.co/?msg=-MqOfDSE_Pl2R2bBSNTx 

I also created a blended visual of the same poem with a piano player, using a screenshot of the JazzKeys poem and a Creative Commons image, then merged with Lunapic. I like the ghost notes aspect of the result, as the words are fading (and if you listen to the JazzKeys as you read, the experience is even better, I think).

Ghost Notes

Peace (listening),

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