We, Who Find Ourselves Here (A Golden Shovel Poem for MLK Day)

Quote from MLK

We, who find ourselves here, we
who have arrived and do not merely
engage but mean to bring
in a kaleidoscope of voices, a shout to
nonviolent, a cause, the
direct call that requires us to surface
action, to make visible our fears, the
are – this is – we will – no longer be hidden,
not now, not ever again, for in tension
the shift always sleeps the sleep of dreamer, in that
creators and voice of change is
of this moment; while we are already
tension, now let us all become alive

– a Double Golden Shovel, constructed from two lines from Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail (1963) https://letterfromjail.com/ 

via Open Write prompt https://www.ethicalela.com/multiple-shovels/ 

Peace (let it be here),

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