Slice of Life: Noticing The Stretch of Days

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write on Tuesdays about the small moments in the larger perspective … or is that the larger perspective in the smaller moments? You write, too.)

It’s easy to forget, amid the hubbub of life and school and family, that the Winter Solistice was a month ago, and the days are indeed beginning to stretch longer.

I find, it’s only when I am in a moment of quiet that I observe more sunlight later in the afternoon, and the days of darkness at 4 pm are gone.

Yesterday, as I waited to get my son from indoor track practice, I noticed the sun was still mostly up, and it was 5 pm and that made me smile, even as the cold air was circulating all around me and more snow was coming (only an inch or two, but still … winter).

So, a poem with this morning’s Slice:

Poem: These Longer Days

Peace (in the moment),


  1. Kevin, I am heartened by the longer stretch of days as well. And we may have more snow on the way, too – we were out of school Friday and yesterday, returning today…love the images of light tickling memory and the sleeping, dreaming seed

  2. As a sleeping seed dreams – – oh, that personification of the seeds getting ready to awaken and stretch their vibrant green little baby hands up through the earth to welcome the warmth of the sun is just so sweet! I can’t wait for the spring. If it’s cold and not snowing where I can stay home and read, then it’s time for warmer weather.

  3. Kevin, I also have noticed the sun smiling on longer winter days. Noticing the small moments of winter allows appreciation to surface. I hope you will let me add this poem to my Winter’s Embrace 2022 Gallery. As Kim says, it is a lovely thought: seeds dreaming of new growth.

  4. I will take the cold if I can have the light!
    I walk regularly and had to buy a “safety patrol” getup to protect myself since I couldn’t get my walks in early enough back in November/December. NOW, it’s lighter a little later, which is wonderful. Less “safety patrol” gear for me. (BTW: Wouldn’t you know that Isabelle told me I look like the safety patrol at her elementary school.)

  5. I, too, am finding that the slightly longer days are raising my spirits. Funny how the world offers up this reminder year after year: it is inevitable; the sun will come again. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for this.

  6. I learned from my youngest son a few years ago (when he was already an adult) that as a kid he thought New Year’s meant that winter was over and spring was coming. It seemed funny to me until I thought about how the days begin to stretch in January and in our parts the weather is often beautiful and particularly sunny.

    Love the poem…and the noticing of longer days.


  7. Grateful
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    Antispambloiditis: tire lame A kenning: once more I turned the key on in my tire-lame Japanese pony. It huffed a steamy breath, “Ready, sirrah. Where to?”

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