Join Slice of Life in March/15th Anniversary

Slice of Life 2022 Comic

If you are a teacher who writes, or a teacher who wants to write more, or maybe you’re more of a writer who also teaches — ah, whatever the circumstance — consider joining the Slice of Life for its 15th year of daily writing in March.

I’ve been at it, thanks to my friend Bonnie K, since the start of it 15 years ago and I always fret: What if I have nothing to write? Yet I always do. Sometimes, it’s an observation from school. Sometimes, it’s the smallest moment imaginable, but the noticing brings it into something larger. Sometimes, I’ve done multimedia posts. Last year, I did a Day in a Sentence theme for March.

This year, I hope to do a Poem a Day theme when I can, which will be convenient for my on-going personal writing goal of writing a poem every day. But I will toggle between formats, and media, etc.

I have consistently found that connecting with other teachers and writers through comments and interactions across blogging spaces is a powerful experience, worth celebrating.

No pressure. But if you are interested, there is more information and a sign-up form, if you so inclined. I recently took part in a conversation about the Slice of Life and the energy that one can get from writing with others.

Peace (in the noticing),

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