CLMOOC Poetry Experiment: Celebrating A Multitude of Voices

CLMOOC Poem Voice MixerI was watching with interest as my friend, Alan Levine, was playing around with a coding project that mixed and remixed voice audio files, and wondered at the possibilities for a multitude of voices poetry project through the CLMOOC community.

Alan was very helpful in all sorts of ways — first, by hosting his original projects over at Github, which allowed me to fork it and make a copy, and then he was patient with advice and answers to my questions about changing and manipulating the underlying code.

The result is a pretty cool project that allows you to remix voices for a small poem I wrote for the project. Give it a try. Hit “Make New” then “Play” and then “Make Another” to remix the voices.

Thanks to all my CLMOOC friends who played along with me, and sent me their voices. You can read more about the project over at the CLMOOC website.

I also did one further remix. Instead of cutting audio into smaller segments, as used in the Voice Remix site to create the string of voices speaking the poem, I wondered how I could bring all of the big audio files together, layered on top of each other, and whether that chorus/cacophony would be something interesting.

Well, it is something … and best listened with headphones.

Peace (in pushing the limits to our poems),


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