Slice of Life/Day in a Poem (Day 3): Together, Home

Two poems
I wrote
about home
gather inside
a collection
of community,
like a river
of skipping stones,
where words
flitter next to art
and photographs,
a city-wide effort
to remember, together:
not one of us
is ever alone

Peace (and home),

PS — some context — two of my submitted poems were included in a new digital exhibit opened yesterday through our city library on the theme of “home”:

  1. Hello! I’ve missed your blog. Happy to see you and start my day with your beautiful poem. I loved the pace – a balance of fast and slow – just like home.

  2. Congratulations, Kevin. A poem telling a story about art—visual and worded—is a lovely meta cognitive slice. “Like skipping stones”: excellent simile that captures the idea of an art gallery.

  3. Kevin,

    All of your poems are thoughtful, with a bit of punch to twist from one idea to a more perceptive concept. Your two poems at your city library site are that— a bit of nature and a bit of what we need to do.

    Thanks for letting us know and for sharing your poetry, song, and images. ~ Sheri

  4. I love this poem and those poems and that ways they all connect and commune–and not one of us is ever alone.

    Small poems–they really are the best!

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