Slice of Life/Day in a Poem (Day 8): Days Like This

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write on Tuesdays about the small moments in the larger perspective and then all through March — every single day  …  You write, too.)

like this

like this

like this

it’s warmth
I miss

Peace (blah),

  1. The chill is back here after a warm and sunny spring weekend. It came in with the rain… I agree.I want warmth back.

    Love how you did this today!

  2. In like a lamb, out like a…well, Margaret Atwood has the last say like a latter day Dorothy Parker:

    [you fit into me]
    you fit into me
    like a hook into an eye
    a fish hook
    an open eye

    AntispamiMarchHeartbreak: depict do.

    Ach aye,
    depict, do.
    and let the chalk
    last forever
    in the sodden,
    now cold
    March hardness.

  3. Haha, yes. A perfect poem for that wet March weather. I would rather have bitter cold than the wet rainy just-above-freezing weather of late winter. Here’s to a sweet and warm spring soon.

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