Slice of Life/Day in a Poem (Day 15): Crowded Places

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write on Tuesdays about the small moments in the larger perspective and then all through March — every single day  …  You write, too.)

Odd to be
inside such a small space
with crowded teens
and barely a mask in place,
the high school track team
meets to celebrate
the season as
we check open windows
and wonder about

Peace (inside the crowd),

  1. There’s a scary, ironic normalcy, if one can call it that, to your poem, Kevin. I applaud those students wearing masks. That’s not an easy decision given the pressure to toss them. I saw an article in the NYT this morning about a new covid variant and surge in Asia and parts of Europe.

  2. The formatting of your poem is interesting! I like the physical shape of the words, with the ebbs and flows of the messages.

  3. The change in how we see our spaces and what feels right has morphed. We are still holding on to our masks for the moment. And, I saw that same article in the NYT that Glenda mentioned. Who knows what’s around the next corner…

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