Slice of Life/Day in a Poem (Day 31): Noticed Before But Slant

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We write on Tuesdays about the small moments in the larger perspective and then all through March — every single day  …  You write, too.)

On this final day of March, at the end of another Slice of Life Challenge, my fifteenth year of writing about small moments every day for the entire month, there’s a certain sigh of relief. This year, I chose to do small poems each day, as my daily slices. In fact, these may be the first prose words I have used for a post over the last 31 days of the challenge.

I enjoyed the many moments, though, and it gave me a chance to weave my own mission of writing a small poem every morning into the Slice of Life. Now what am I going to write poems about? I’ll find out tomorrow, I suppose.

Some of my poems for the month worked. Some, didn’t. Or at least, not as I wanted. But I kept writing (see my other site for gathering poems, with the #sol22 hashtag as a gathering device) and I kept trying to connect with other Slice of Life writers each day — navigating between new folks I didn’t know but who deserved my attention and a small circle of folks who I am already close with, through past Slice of Life years, CLMOOC and the National Writing Project.

Here, then, is my poem as a slice for this last day. Thanks for visiting.

Words like these
have rhythm

They find internal rhyme
over time

Observable moments,
folding in

Noticed before,
but slant

Peace (before the calendar turns),

  1. “Observable moments,
    folding in

    Noticed before,
    but slant”

    Yes- that is so true! I am in awe of how you can capture the detail so succinctly!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed dipping in periodically throughout the month to read your poems, Kevin. This year, and every year, I’m grateful that you’re part of this community. The feedback you bestow on every member of this community is always heartfelt. Grateful to you!

  3. “noticed before, but slant.” I’ve enjoyed the many “slants” others, including you have voiced this month.

  4. I love the way you can say so much in such small poems–I look forward to the moment you will capture each day. And I enjoyed thinking about the value of writing over time in today’s offering…finding the internal rhyme over time.

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