In the Margins: Crafting An Annotation Poem for VerseLove

Annotation Poem (from ee cummings)

Over at VerseLove, today’s prompt is about using annotation of texts to discover a Found Poem, and I decided to venture into an ee cummings poem. First, I randomly chose one of his poems, coming upon one about spring.

As I read, I annotated off to the side, thinking of words, lines, and theme. Then I noticed the poem spilled over to another page, which I didn’t have in front of me, which seems like an appropriate way to end my annotation, and craft a poem.

annotating ee cummings for poetry

I tinkered a bit with some of the words from my annotations, but mostly, I kept it intact, moving from an observation of a single word to discovering the last section of the poem is lost (to me, in the moment).

Peace (in the margins),

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