Slice of Life: Quiet At The Quabbin

Biking the Quabbin

I had to use a Personal Day, or lose it, so yesterday, I took a day off from school, and found some solitude and quiet at the Quabbin Reservoir, a state-protected space with a controversial history (Boston needed water, so it decided to flood a handful of Western Massachusetts towns that had no say in the matter and build the reservoir.)

There were only a few people around as I rode my bike over the large dam and up the roadway to the scenic overlooks of a beautiful space. The day was perfectly clear — low 70s, no humidity, and blue skies. I was happy in the quiet.

The day allowed me to catch my breath as we hit the final two weeks of a most difficult school year, one in which the end can’t come quickly enough for all of us.

Peace (outside),

  1. Being out in nature, by water is the best! So glad you used your day wisely! Thanks for including the photos. Lovely!

  2. Lose it or use it! Glad you chose the using! Love the snippet of history in your slice, as well as the photos.

  3. I love the serendipity of “having” to take a personal day just when you needed it the most. Sounds like a perfect way to gather energy for the final push of this difficult year.


  4. Kevin, I am hearing from many teachers that this year was extremely hard. I am glad that you had a relaxing day. Enjoy the summer.

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