Visual Poem Remix: Miles (by Mike Sheffield Brown)

In the Open Write space yesterday, another writer/poet shared a poem of a colleague about Miles Davis, since I was writing mine about Dave Brubeck, and I really enjoyed the prose poem from Mike Sheffield Brown in a journal called Still Life 2020.

I took the liberty of a visual remix — a sort of listening riff to his poem —  by first turning his poem into the bell of a trumpet with some odd apps I have that break apart an image (I had a screenshot of his poem), and then layering in some animated musical notes into the image. I wish I could have added as little Miles music underneath but use your imagination.

Here is the song that Mike references in his piece, the first Miles Davis he heard as a teenager that blew him away as he listened to the vinyl album he borrowed from the city library in his empty house and was transported into something completely different.

I found Mike’s email and wrote him about what I had, sharing my appreciation for his words. I’ll see if he writes back.

Peace (listening in),

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