Ten Steps: Flowers

Here is the latest in my Ten Steps video series, in which I am making short videos of ten photographs in a row on a walk. Each video is one minute long, using a long fade between images, and an ambient soundtrack. I have a cool idea I’m working on for how to bring all of my ten steps together.

And these are the last five videos I shared:





Peace (walking it),

    • HI Karen
      Thanks for stopping by. For now, I don’t see any text, just a video walking of ten steps … with some music and fading. But, who knows, as I get towards the end, maybe I will rethink that. Any ideas?

      • Well, would “text” imply prose? The poetry that make you feel the top of your head has been blown off (sorry, Emily Dickinson, that’s as close as I can come to your divine saying right now.) could open a viewer’s perceptions in new ways. Especially if it were done as supporting the non-linguistic texts.

  1. I am for the idea of image and music together and segregated from text. Text creates a gravity all its own. Why not just practice a disciplined use of signifying without text? I think this is the future, one where text plays second fiddle and is no longer the default. Imagine that future. It is already here and it is in the palm of our hands and you are practicing it with these ‘baby feldgangs’ of ten steps.

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    • That’s sort of been my thinking — the image and fading tells the story within a very limited walking space … It’s another kind of composition (visual) but does it tell a story of a place? I’m not sure.

  2. Well, I’m looking forward the “what you have in mind…” 🙂 10 steps photos in video display is a little “slice of your live.”

    I enjoyed Denise Krebs images– 1 second video each day of the month is I think what she did. That’s a summary of her day. I wonder if she did it at the same time each day…

    Anyway, I’m thinking I like this 10 steps version because it’s not freezing a time past, but rather encouraging a way forward.

    I, myself, am concerned with the loss of text– not in this project– but in gifs and emojis. I often miss or misinterpret what the intent and meaning is. I just don’t think like other people, I guess. It often doesn’t make sense to me.

    I guess I look for a conversation rather than a “meh– I don’t have time for words” response.

    Anyway, I look forward to the next forward 10 steps you take and the project it will become part of…. ~ Sheri

    • Hi Sheri
      It feels as if this conversation about text within media projects (or no text) is a larger conversation about the nature of literacy and composition, and worth some time to think about and mull over.

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