Poetry: Fragile Earth

fragile earth
fragile earth flickr photo by duluoz cats shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

This is part of a summer-long endeavor to write longer poems and spend more time with revision. The prompts have come through the National Writing Project network.

Fragile Earth

Where is the line of wonder
for those of us whose lives
tumble beneath the weight
of a fractured world?

Thunder beckons
this night, a flashing storm
of zig-zag jagged light,
a dangerous reckoning,
beautiful, eerily bright

and safe in this house,
we huddle to see
a generational tree,
born before collective
generational memory

its branches broken:
splintered into unrecognizable
splintered beyond belief
splintered as shadow, in relief

Change forces us
to reconsider:

Are we
the home
built upon
the dirt?

Or, are we
the roots
in a fragile

Peace (and dirt),

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