Write Out: A Collection of Journals

As we gear up for Write Out 2022, with a STEAM theme, we are also exploring how notebooks and journals can be used, and have been used, for inquiry, writing, data collection, etc. My teaching and online friend, Brian Kelley, had gathered and curated a collection of journal pages and information from many artists, scientist, writers, etc. and he gave me permission to pull them into a video collection to share with others.

Write Out takes place in October and is a partnership between the National Writing Project and the National Park Service for place-based learning. There are free resources for teachers, and live events. More information about Write Out is here, including a sign-up for a newsletter.

Peace (sharing it),

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I love to see work people do to honor the work of others.

    Is there a direct link to a page on Brian’s website with all of the notebook pages shown in your graphic on Twitter? The link above does not point to this.

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