Making A Video Haiku With An AI Collaborator

I saw in my RSS feed that Eric Curtis, whose sharing of technology resources is always fantastic and useful, had mentioned that Canva had just launched a Text-Image AI tool, in which you feed it some words and it generates some images. This image generation feature has become a fairly common feature of AI these days, but I was still curious about how to use it within the platform of Canva (which has a slew of useful design tools and options).

Since this tool is still in beta (I believe), the link is not within the main Canva toolbox quite yet, so this is how you access it:

I grabbed a haiku I had written earlier in the say (off a prompt via Mastodon, with the word “mist” as a key inspiration) and fed it into the Canva tool. Full phrases were less useful than key words, I found, but the images were quite dreamy and evocative (I chose a “painting” setting in the tool).

I played with the Canva video maker tool, weaving the words of the original haiku through the video slides with the AI images, and choosing a piece of music (all within Canva itself) to create the short video poem. I utilized some other design features inside Canva, too, but the images were all AI-generated. It’s still strange to have AI as your creative partner in these things, but it’s interesting, too, to see where AI might offer up useful ideas or not.

To see how it works, read through Eric’s post. It is very detailed and helpful.

Peace (and AI),


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