Fifteen Days In (Winter Solstice Poems)

winter solstice
winter solstice flickr photo by nosha shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

I’ve been writing Winter Solstice poems each day this month, using mentor texts as my inspiration. Here is today’s poem (and take a listen to my audio):

The lantern swinging
bearing down, pressing the dark
to a sliver …
– Tobi Kassim

I am imagining

small darts
of glittering light

Stories unfolding
where context
is everything

And I – I know

I am reader, observer,
listener, writer

and there he is,
penning his way through
another constellation

I weather the uncertainty
and wonder if he, too,
sees my light

Inspired by A Blind Spot, Awash by Tobi Kassim 

To see the entire collection as I am building it, here is the link. And note that the mentor poems comes from Deanna’s collection for writing inspiration.

Peace (and dark and light),

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