Slice of Life: I Just Don’t Know

For many years now, in March, I have taken part in the Slice of Life daily writing challenge via the Two Writing Teachers community. This year, I can’t seem to muster myself, and it kicks off tomorrow. I figured I’d write a bit about my thinking- – a Tuesday Slice about whether to Slice or not.

My ambivelance may be part of how I view this Kevin’s Meandering Mind blog these days — it’s no longer a place where I am always doing a daily bit of writing anymore. It’s become more of a periodic space to share and think out loud when the interest strikes. I gave myself permission in the last year to let go of the idea of needing to post something here at the blog every single day. It may also be that my teaching life is taking up my full attention. It is. Sleep issues that have bedeviled me make for a more difficult morning transitions for me, too.

I also know that my daily writing focus has shifted towards writing short poems each morning with one-word prompts off Mastodon (and, of course, the DS106 Daily Create) and adding a third task to the writing routine seems like a bit too much to me right now. I know I have merged poetry and Slice writing in the past (using Haiku, say, for Slice writing). I’ve also done Day in a Sentence as Slice writing, narrowing down a reflection into a single sentence of thought.

I had an idea of doing Visual Slices this year, of using simple artwork with no writing to express a sense of a day, and maybe I will still do that from time to time. I’m giving myself permission in this post not to worry about Slicing every day, or even any day, but to keep the door open for when I feel inspired to reconnect. I hate the idea of not doing anything but that’s still a possibility.

A powerful element with the Slice of Life challenge is that you get to see many, many educators writing and reacting to each other. What began as a small community of teacher/writers sharing and commenting (a key component is that you comment as a reader) has now become a massive community — a good thing, in some ways, but maybe a bit too large for my tastes these days when I find myself leaning towards smaller but more vibrant networks of people. But I know that I can find familiar bloggers, too, from past Slice events, and reconnect, if I need to.

Whether I will or not … I’m just not yet sure.

Peace (thinking it out loud),

  1. I appreciate your honesty as you grapple with how to spend your time in March. This will be my 10th year and a few months ago, I took a weekend to read through all my March postings. I read some crap, I read some moments I was so glad I captured. Because of this, I am set to give it a 10th year try. I also am looking forward to seeing the many craft moves of other writers. Their poems. Their photos. Their creativity. Finally, I teamed up with my friend Fran McCrackin to host a zoom workshop on St. Patrick’s Day – a small gathering with the goal of sharing tips and encouragement. Whatever you decide, I personally invite you to this. Fran and I meet monthly in person to write and a small community is sometihng we also value. Whatever you decide, keep writing!! I aways enjoy your writing! #FanOfKevin

  2. Kevin, I love your writing and always look forward to it, but the gift of grace is understood as part of our self care. You’ll make the right choice!

  3. I get it, I really do, but selfishly I will miss your musings. I am giving myself remission to write lots of junk this next month.

  4. I’ve been away from the slice of life community for about 10 months and felt guilty popping back in… I’m here though. And I’m inspired by your full of grace approach. I’m crawling into March with the same ambivalence… See you around!

  5. Kevin, I know you will continue to write and enjoy it in the communities you participate in. Yes, peace to you in the thinking aloud, in the writing and especially the teaching and sleeping!

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