Slice of Life: A Gift Of Soup And Kindness

I was out, walking the elder dog, when I saw a dear friend and neighbor walking her dog. She has been in the midst of medical care, and before I could ask how she was doing, she wondered why I was out walking instead of at work, teaching. I told her about my positive test, and my underlying cold-like symptoms, and then she gave me her own update.

As she was walking away, she turned back and told me her freezer was too full with many food deliveries from family and friends, including chicken soup, and that I should take some, and that she would leave it out on her porch, in a cooler. Later, walking the other (younger) dog, I did just that, grabbing a freezer bag of soup, and noticing she left me a bonus, too: a cookie.

Slice Of Life Soup

Both soup and cookie were delicious, and what a reminder it was that our lives are enriched by family and friends who keep an eye out on, and for, each other.

Peace (in hot mugs),

  1. I love that your post isn’t about the positive test, but about the kindness of your neighbor. The interactions between the two of you was the perfect amount to let us know about both of you and what was going on so that the ending was extra sweet– pun intended.

  2. How sweet. I love that she offered and followed through and…you took her up on her offer. I bet you made her day too. It feels good to take care of and give to others.

  3. THAT’s exactly what it means to be a good neighbor – – a caring human. And there is nothing. nothing. nothing. like chicken soup when you aren’t feeling up to par. Oh, the feels in this slice today are loaded.

  4. My heart is warmed through your story of neighborly connection in world where it’s easy to forget that this is not only possible but happening far more often than we can easily imagine. Thank you for bringing the possibility back into our awareness, Kevin, and get well soon.

    • Hi Sherri — I want to believe that, too — that more small stories of connections are happening, and that the world is more than the headlines of division and hate. Peace. Kevin

  5. Your slice shares how humanity should be towards each other. You start off sharing an illness but end with friendliness. I hope you are feeling much better and enjoying the company of your dogs.

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