Slice of Life: Piano Crates And Imagination Rhythm

I’ve had time on my hands this past week and so I’ve wandered into making a few tracks of music. Here are two songs from yesterday, each capturing a little different emotional spin from being stuck temporarily at home. (Note: I think the songs are best experienced in headphones.)


Piano Crates (link)


Imagination Rhythm (link)

Peace (Rhythm and Sound),

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  1. Kevin, I love both of these pieces. The first one gives a fine dining jazz feel. I do love a piano. Now peace, though, is my favorite of the two – – I love what sounds like that third overlay harmonic organ that comes in with its own tune. I’m amazed at your musical ability here to put together some tunes. When we have time on our hands, that’s when we can find ourselves doing what we truly love to do.

  2. Wow…thank you! These are so different and they are each complimented by the artwork perfectly. I am not a musician, but I am surrounded by them and have always loved music and appreciated the power that it holds. Thank you for sharing this!

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