Slice of Life: A Dog, A Ball, And Some Snow

It was a decent New England snowstorm for March. It happened mostly overnight from Friday into Saturday, so there was little impact on school or travel. It was fluffy but sort of heavy. So, sticky. There was more than enough to cover mostly everything.

And Rayna, our younger dog, had a blast in the morning, barreling around the backyard after uncovering one of her toys — it’s actually a horse ball, but the handle was long ago ripped/bitten off — and now she is adept at putting her snout inside the hole (where the handle used to be) and tossing the ball into the air, then bopping it off her nose, as she races around.

Rayna in Snow

I was trying to catch her in the act with my phone’s camera, but only got this shot. It’s her eyes, though, that I like most — she’s in her intense play mode here.

Then I decided to go another step further, since I liked that image so much, and put it into an art app called Oilist, and made two different variations, capturing the app’s process along the way. I folded both iterations into this video: Rayna’s Art Show.


Peace (and Dogs),

  1. This is very creative. The photograph now looks like a beautiful illustration for a picture book. The textured effect is great and thanks for the introduction to the art app.

  2. I suspect you had that same intense play look in your eyes as you wrote and created this post! It’s fascinating and the music is wonderful—your composition?

  3. Intense play mode is right. She is and you are in extreme creative mode. When I first saw the photo, I thought, “What in the world has Kevin done now to put that dog on a big piano?” I had to get perspective, because my eyes fooled me. I love Rayna – she has the right spirit, and you have the right touch to capture her energy through art and music. Like the “keyboard” behind her, play on…..

  4. I like iteration 2 since I feel like it captures the textures of the snow better. But mostly I like the idea of this dog out there totally immersed in play! Thanks for sharing.


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