Slice of Life: It’s Quidditch Season, Baby

Those who have followed my writing in the past (hey, nice to see you!) know that our school plays a cray cray version of Quidditch. But like so many other things, the entire Quidditch extravaganza was put on pause for a few years, due to the Pandemic.

Well, we decided to bring it back this year, and we’re gearing up for a Quidditch Championship Day in April for the four sixth grade classes to play against each other (and then a night game of students versus teachers), and students are in the midst of doing training in Gym class, working on a variety of art projects (posters, brooms, etc), designing and writing about sports plays and more.

Quidditch 2023

Each class decides on a team name and my class chose “Frostbite” as the name, and yesterday, the entire sixth grade was in the cafeteria, working on making their own team t-shirts (it was a half day, for conferences, so it made sense to allocate some time) that they will wear for the Quidditch Championship.

If you are curious about how we play the game (it was originally created by a student and our Physical Education teacher, and then has been adapted with different rules over the years by other students, and teachers. It’s played in our gym – and is not at all like the college version), check out the video we made years ago (it has 11,000+ views) to encourage other schools to play.


Peace (on the Quidditch Pitch),

  1. I did know you do that at your school, but I forgot about it!

    Even though I forgot about it, kids will remember that a lot more than any academic lesson, I’ll bet. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. If I did know this, I’d forgotten, and I’m so glad you reminded me. What an amazing, fun, engaging school community event this must be! (Also, I’m way jealous of 1/2 days for conferences!!!)

  3. YOU as well as your school are doing amazing things to engage readers, writers, musicians, artists – children all. I would cherish the opportunity to be part of such a community.

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