Slice of Life: Reflections Of An Intermittent Writer

Thank you, Slice of Life friends, for taking the time to visit my blog on the days when I wrote and shared. As I wrote on the days before March, I gave myself permission this year to wander in and out when I felt the inspiration. I kept to that.

But as always, I appreciated when I did write, and when folks came by here to read and comment, and I certainly enjoyed the days when I wandered through the Slice blogs to see what others were up to.

The fact that hundreds of educators were writing together and connecting together has to be cause for celebration. It shows the power of writing, and the possibilities of online connected spaces, too.

Peace (and words),

  1. Loved when I stumbled and wandered and purposefully searched out your posts and reflections! I love reading your posts every year and I’m glad you came even when there’s so much pulling in different directions. Have a great rest of the year, Kevin!

  2. I am so often inspired by your words- today I am celebrating you giving yourself permission to do the challenge your way! Go, you!

  3. I love the “power of writing ” and “connected spaces” because for me retirement has taken away lots of connections. It requires planned effort on my part rather than simply showing up for work. So these slices have been a great way to connect with others.

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