Seedlings In Flight: Poems Found Within Found Poems

Something that Terry E. was crafting around ‘found poems’ using ChatGPT text responses as source material (if I understood what he was doing) had me thinking: that might be interesting to give a whirl, and maybe go a few steps deeper into the generative process.

So, first, I posed this question about seeds and flowers to both Google Bard and ChatGPT:

How do flower seeds travel in currents of wind?

Bard and ChatGPT responses

I then took each AI response and used an online Blackout Poem tool to craft a found poem from each.

Found Poems via Bard and ChatGPT

Then, I asked each AI to “find a poem” within its own initial text response to my flower seed question.

AI Found Poems via Bard and ChatGPT

Finally, I “found a poem” inside each AI’s found poem.

Found Poems Within Found Poems via Bard and ChatGPT

I can’t say the poems are anything special, per se, but the circling around a text with AI as a sort of partner is something to be considered, and these little experiments start to show a path forward. Maybe.

I’ll say that in this experiment, in my opinion, ChatGPT was much better in its writing than Bard.

Peace (and poems),

  1. I find Generative AI’s to be literal, humorless even. And you have to create a Muse for it. Therein lay the difference between it and us. Knowing its limitations makes it infinitely useful, doesn’t it. You can make it play.

  2. After a year of AI in education I’m returning to this. We are the human agency that ‘cares’ and that says ‘its not good enough’….I’m seeing ChatGPT as a lense to see things through.

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