Sodoku-Style Poem: Space Is A Canvas Of The Unknown

Space Is A Canvas of the Unknown (Soduku Poem)

How to read:

*For traditional 5-7-5 haiku, read across – top left to top right (or in reverse) or bottom left to bottom right (or in reverse) – or diagonal – top left to bottom right (or in reverse) – or down – top left to bottom left.
*For non-traditional 7-7-7 haiku, read middle left to middle right (or in reverse), or middle top to middle down (or in reverse).
*Or heck, just mix and match, and see where that brings ya!

Inspired by Mary Lee at and Kat Lehman at 

Peace (and Poems),

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  1. Very fun! I expect more of these to be popping up in the weeks to come, but you are the first!

    I made sets of 5/7/5 mix-n-match haiku cards a few years ago for the summer (I think) poetry swap besides the mini canvas ones I mentioned in my post. Very meditative to choose a path; very meditative to create those paths!

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