ETMOOC Annotation: Final Video Gathering

I admit: I missed every single live Zoom session gathering for the ETMOOC exploration of Artificial Intelligence. After teaching all day, the last thing I needed in my brain was a a Zoom session overload (so I engaged in other ways, mostly early in the mornings, and it was constructive for me).

But I wanted to find a way to watch the sessions later, and maybe have an annotation conversation from the side. Unfortunately, Vialogues — a site we used a lot for CLMOOC — bit the dust, but VideoAnt seems like a possible replacement.

Join us if you want — you will need a VideoAnt account to comment and be part of the conversations. (One thing that VideoAnt does NOT have that Vialogues did is an email notification when someone responds to your comment. Which is too bad.)

Peace (marking it up in the margins),

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