Remembering Duke (Farewell, Old Friend)

Duke the Dog Collage

We had to put our dog, Duke, down yesterday. He had a good life, living 15 years, a long time for a big dog. Nearly all of that time was with us, after we rescued him from the streets of the Carolinas as a 9 month old pup.

Duke has often been sleeping near me in the mornings, when I write. And walks with him have given me time to think. He was a gentle dog, to people and other animals, and I will miss him dearly.

Our younger dog probably does not yet understand why he is missing or where he is (we are also watching a relative’s dog, so there is another canine presence here, which is helpful).

The house feels a bit empty, for sure. We’ll miss him. Good dog.

Peace (and love and sadness),

  1. There’s nothing quite like the love of a good dog. Sorry to read of the loss of Duke. Condolences from my dog-loving family to yours.

  2. I have lost my matched pair of cattle/sheep dog sisters. One died in June of 2022 and the other in june 2023–Joonie and Cyd. They are ghosting my periphery. I understand the missing of them. They used to run with us in the snow and reach down and scoop up the snow as they ran, grinning at it. I feel your loss intertwined with my own. Duke was likely President of the Good Dog Club. Quite likely. Keep him alive in memory and song and lyric and in doggy joy. Long live Duke.

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